What Should I Do If My Car Overheats?

Your car overheating can mean a few different things, but oftentimes it can be a leak or blockage in your engine’s cooling system that is preventing heat from properly escaping.

Make sure you have a few things in your car ready just in case; coolant (50/50 antifreeze & water), oil, extra water, heavy duty gloves and tools.

A few signs to tell if your car is overheating includes the temperature gauge getting abnormally close to or in the red, burning or strange smell coming from the front of your vehicle, or even steam (can look similar to smoke) coming from your boiling coolant.

The best thing to do when you notice your car overheating on the road is to pull over and turn off your engine to avoid engine damage and wait for your engine to cool down (at least 15 minutes) before you approach it. When checking under the hood pay attention to the coolant and oil levels, as well as any visible disconnection, cracks or leaks within the system. Top off your coolant and oil, and use distilled water as a temporary, emergency replacement for the coolant. If you believe you cannot drive it safely any longer, call your tow service.

If you’re on the road and notice your temperature gauge begins to go up abnormally, turn on the heater at full blast. Even if it’s a hot day, this can direct the heat away from your engine. Even if this does work, you should only drive a small distance. This can only be a band-aid for your vehicle overheating and it should be taken to a mechanic as soon as possible.

If you experience your car overheating, please give us a call here at Speck Buick GMC so we can get your vehicle back on the road safely!

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