We're Looking for Pasco, Richland, and Kennewick Trades
Have you been thinking of upgrading to a newer model? Is your family growing and now you need a newer vehicle? Are you sick of your old gas guzzler? There are hundreds of reasons why now the time to trade-in your current vehicle. At Speck Buick GMC of Tri-Cities, we want to make the process easy with our online trade-in estimate tool. Whether you're looking for a new GMC or a pre-owned truck, you'll get an estimate on how much money you can apply towards your next vehicle.

How Does it Work?
Tell us about your car. We'll need to know your cars specific feature such as year, make, model, trim package, mile and condition. You will receive a trade-in estimate online in minutes. Then bring your car to Speck Buick GMC of Tri-Cities for a hassle-free professional appraisal and we'll make you an offer. You can either get cash or a trade-in credit.

Frequently Asked Vehicle Trade-In Questions
  • My car isn't in perfection condition. Can I still trade it in? Of course. We expect some wear and tear on every trade-in, especially with the harsh winters and hot summers in Pasco, Washington.
  • Will the condition I used for the trade-in estimate be verified? Yes. Our Used Car Manager will perform an inspection of your vehicles interior, exterior and mechanical condition. The estimate may be higher or lower than what you received online, depending on in-person appraisal.
  • Can I sell my car if I currently have it financed? Yes.We will process all necessary paperwork for you to pay off your vehicle and related fees. Any remaining positive equity will go towards your new vehicle or will be given in cash. You will need to bring your lien holder information with you.
  • What is a VIN and where can I find it on my vehicle? The Vehicle Identification Number (or VIN) can be found in your vehicles paperwork, insurance cased, on the dashboard, and on the driver's side doorjamb.
  • What information should I bring with me for my in-person appraisal? You should bring your vehicle estimate, vehicle title if you have one, vehicle registration, your valid driver's license or government ID, keys, remotes, manuals and any service records.