How to Check the Oil in Your New Acadia


Make sure the engine is cooled down, between 15-30 minutes. GMC recommends that the engine be off for at least 2 hours prior to checking your oil to ensure a more accurate reading of your oil levels.

Engine GMC



Have a paper towel or cloth ready, and pull out the dipstick. The dipstick can be found towards the center of your engine with a large loop indicating the top of the stick.


Wipe the dipstick cleans, and dip it back in all the way. Pull out the dipstick again and check towards the tip of the stick where the oil line is. There will be crosshatch marks on a part of the dipstick. If the oil level is underneath that level towards the tip, it’s time to add oil! If the oil you pull out has particles and is losing its transparency, that is a sign to schedule your oil change.

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